Frostblood by Elly Blake

Image supplied by Amazon

Amazon recommendations have once again hit the nail on the top of its head. I wanted a new book to read. Something that I hadn’t seen much about. Something that I hadn’t read other reviews on. Something I could make my own option of without any influence. Kindle in hand, I hopped onto Amazon and searched through the “recommended” section. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I have to admit that I did. I picked this book purely because I thought the cover design was interesting. I didn’t read the blurb. I didn’t read the reviews. I simply purchased the kindle version and hunkered down in my bed to read.

Frostblood contains all of my favourite elements of a YA Fiction novel: dystopian universe, enemies-to-lovers and sword fighting. Chuck in your usual heroine-with-a-traumatic-past and you’ve got the perfect base for a novel I will probably, maybe, hopefully, should love. And I did love this book.

Our story starts right at the triggering event (God, I’m so sick of having to wait until halfway into a book to actually discover what the “traumatic event” actually was). You’re instantly given the back story and it’s clear right from the start why our protagonist Ruby is the way she is. A couple of heroic rescues and some carrying around later we’re introduced to our love interest, Arcus. He’s everything we can expect; broody, mysterious and completely off-limits. Arcus is a Frostblood (meaning he can control ice) while Ruby is a Fireblood (can control fire, basically the scum of the earth). Cue the enemies-to-lovers trope we all swoon over.

Throughout the book I began to feel like it was getting kind of predictable; I instantly knew that the “twist” was going to happen the way it was being set up to happen. Boy was I wrong! If you love being incorrect and surprised then you will love this book. Everything that I thought I knew was so far from right it was virtually left.

If you were a fan of Red Queen then I think you’ll really like Frostblood. I’d give it a 7/10. Not my favourite but definitely not something I wouldn’t read again. I’m looking forward to picking up the next book and continuing the series. I especially look forward to discovering more of Arcus’ secrets (man, I did not see any of them coming).

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